Josette and her Daddy

clay-motion, 8 min

Year of Production
: 2010 Germany
Adaptation of children’s book by Eugene Ionesco.



As every morning, Josette knocks on her parent’s bedroom door. It seems Daddy is in a bad mood. ‘Where is mama?!’ Mama moved to the country for a couple of days. Dad took advantage of that and ate and drank a lot of unhealthy stuff.
Josette wants to play, but daddy has got to get up and dress for work. ‘Try to find me!’ he challenges her. Well he is not in the living room, not in the vase, neither in the oven, nor on the couch. He is not the trouser pocket either. ‘Where is papa?’…

Director: Izabela Plucinska
Art Design: Yann Jouette, Agata Rojek
Script: Izabela Plucinska
Editing: Dirk Schreier
Music: Max Knoth Sound: Detlef Schitto

Voices: Rufus Beck, Anouk Grysczok
Animation: Kiril Abdrachmanow, Marcus Grysczok, Genia Gostler

Producer: CLAYTRACES / IzabelaPlucinska & Robert Kern
Distrubution: Jan Naszewski NEW EUROPE FILM SALES