Sexy Laundry

Length: 12min, Production: 2014, 2015

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How can the flames of desire be rekindled after 25 years of married life? Izabela Plucinska’s erotic comedy, made entirely through the use of modelling clay, delves into the private lives of Alice and Henry, a couple in their fifties numbed by routine, who are holed up in a rococo-kitsch hotel room…

Sexy Laundry’s carnal approach is a hallmark of the filmmaker’s style. The signs are immediately visible in the naked, flaccid bodies of her characters, but they also become quickly apparent in the walls and decor, which unexpectedly come to life. Style, humour and emotion are subtly conveyed through tangible, vital matter.

With Sexy Laundry, Izabela Plucinska invites us to an amusing and touching closed-door session on tenderness. How do you overcome monotony to reconnect with the one you love? How do you keep sexual attraction alive and well when you think you know your significant other inside out? The answer is simple: just never stop marveling at the everyday things your partner does.

Director and animation: Izabela Plucinska

Producer: Izabela Plucinska / Robert Kern  ClayTraces, Berlin
Marc Bertrand, NFB Canada
Paulina Ratajczak, Fundacja Las Sztuki, Poland

Funding: BKM, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FFA, NFB, PISF

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