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was founded 2006 after the debut film of Izabela Plucinska "Jam Session" won a silver bear at the Berlinale 2005 for best short. Izabelas art is connecting realism and fantasy in her individual way. It's all handmade, sometimes there are deliberatly left fingerprints on the lovely characters, adding a sense of craftsmanship to this rare categorie of stop motion animation. ClayTraces provides emotional and exciting stories, thoughtfulness and humour. Together with producer Robert Kern the director Izabela Plucinska created several playful short movies, some deal with loss and death, others with growing old, all leave you with a smile after watching.

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Portrait of Suzanne

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afternoon 1

Josette and her Daddy




7 More Minutes




Jam Session

jam session


marathon 3


Izabela Plucinska

Director, Animator

At the moment, Izabela Plucinska, a Berliner by adoption, is busily working at her own production company, ClayTraces, along with her associates. Owing to her renown as an artist, she frequently leads workshops and teaches film animation at universities internationally. 

Robert Kern


Robert Kern is producer for ClayTraces and co-owner, managing all sorts of things for Iza from compositing, organizing to technical support.

Christine Haupt


Christine Haupt was associated producer for Darling and since then adds a lot of profession and engagement to ClayTraces projects.

Karsten Matern


Karsten Matern has been member of the production staff for several ClayTraces projects and started back 2008 with Esterhazy. He has lot of talents, especially in the fields of communication and logistics. He organized and managed a major part of "sexy laundry".


With her foundation "las stzuki" Paulina has been co-producing sexy laundry in Szczecin/Poland. She helped with enormous efforts, for her cultural institution she does an equal amazing job.


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Here's a selection of movies to enjoy. It's free to watch. Animation, especially short films, is a tough business and we are constantly trying to raise funds. Often we don't get paid for the huge amount of work. Well it's art and it's passion and we are not alone with this situation. So if you like what we are doing, you can spend whatever you think is fair via paypal and support upcoming projects.